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November 2017 archive


    • Eric Ries was in London at Cass Business School for talking about his new book. You can watch his inspiring talk from this periscope link. His new book is “The Startup Way” about entrepreneurial management transforms culture and drives growth. Below is the visualisation by Alli McKee. 

  • Meet Boston Dynamics’ electric powered SpotMini
  • Amazon is making a ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequel series
  • Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sale amassed $25.3 billion, doubling 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined…a 40 percent jump from last year’s figures…
  • Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is a parkour master

  • Tesla’s big new all-electric truck – the Tesla Semi…The Tesla Semi will go 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds, which is incredibly fast compared to a diesel truck…”… the truck that will do everything in its power to avoid a jackknifing incident, automatically, without requiring any driver intervention. And, it’ll do it regardless of what trailer or load is attached to the back. “Jackknifing is impossible,” said Elon Musk on stage at the Tesla Semi unveiling…”
  • Hours before launch, EA strips micro-transactions from ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Google’s chatbot analytics platform Chatbase launches to public
  • Comcast wants to buy Fox’s international, but it’ll have to wait for AT&T-Time Warner approval first
  • Philo streams pay TV — without sports or broadcast channels — for $16 a month
  • Facebook will live stream 47 college basketball games for free this season
  • Williams-Sonoma is buying a 3-D imaging and augmented reality startup for $112 million
  • Musical.ly, the lip-syncing video app, is going to sell for at least $800 million
  • The UK Government is investing an extra £21 million in Tech City UK
  • A breakdown of iPhone manufacturing costs over time
  • Amazon rolls out Alexa, Echo in Canada
  • Amazon is transforming Whole Foods into a tech store
  • Alexa integration with Kimpton Hotel (Source: Twitter)
  • This easy hack lets you create a virtual ‘Home’ button on the iPhone X
  • Google Maps adds color to help you hone in on points of interest
  • Amazon’s Cashierless Store Is Almost Ready for Prime Time
  • MariaDB coming to Azure, as Microsoft joins the MariaDB Foundation
  • Apple plans to add a 3D sensor to the back of the iPhone, too
  • Amazon Music app for Android quietly gets Chromecast support



  • China’s Tencent bought 12 percent of Snap — and everything else we learned from Snap’s earnings report
  • Uber is asking drivers if they want to provide other on-demand services
  • Razer to raise upwards of $504 million in Hong Kong IPO
  • 70 years of VC innovation
  • New Stars Wars and Marvel TV shows planned for Disney’s streaming service
  • Project Loon delivers internet to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico
  • UPS is converting ‘up to 1,500 delivery trucks’ to battery-electric in New York
  • A hospital without patients
  • Logitech to shut down “service and support” for Harmony Link devices in 2018
  • ‘Stranger Things’ is a real hit: 16 million Americans watched  Season Two premiere, according to Nielsen
  • Spotify has brought in a new head of PR as it gets ready for a 2018 IPO
  • Selling a House to Millennials?
  • Disney Fleshes Out Its Streaming Plans
  • Skyscanner acquired London social media startup Twizoo
  • The 3.8 billion hours of content streamed on Roku’s platform in the third quarter equates to 2.5 hours of daily watch time per user.
  • US smartphone shipments dip in Q3
  • Disney tried to hide the Millennium Falcon with shipping containers — but it’s on Google Maps
  • Amazon brings the Echo to Japan



  • Broadcom plans $100bn unsolicited bid for Qualcomm
  • iOS 11 vs iOS 10: Comparison Review in UI and Interaction
  • iPhone X order status: Apple is predicting a record holiday quarter…Apple says to expect record sales, between $84 billion and $87 billion…helped its market cap briefly hit $900 billion
  • YouTube Kids update gives kids their own profiles, expands controls
  • Pandora made $80M in U.S. app store revenue in Q3, booting Netflix from the top grossing spot
  • How the top four cloud companies fared in Q3
  • Humans Are Still Better Than AI at StarCraft—for Now…A StarCraft gamer won 4-0 in the world’s first contest between AI systems and professional human players.
  • Generation Z is creating a $5 billion market for fake meat and seafood
  • Applying blockchain technology to online reviews
  • The space industry will be worth nearly $3 trillion in 30 years, Bank of America predicts
  • Facebook’s revenue per user topped $5 for the first time
  • BMW Says Its 2021 i Flagship Will Be Level 5 Autonomous