March 2018 archive


  • Spotify’s first day of trading will be April 3
  • …Apple’s market cap is at an all-time high of more than $922 billion. Soon it could be the first company to reach a $1 trillion valuation
  • Facebook launches Express Wi-Fi app for its local-operated hotspots
  • Don’t foul this free-throwing Toyota basketball robot
  • Amazon’s top original shows generated an estimated 5M new Prime members
  • Experian acquires UK’s ClearScore and its financial product matching engine for $385M
  • Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches that of his identical twin, NASA finds…Preliminary results from NASA’s Twins Study reveal that 7% of astronaut Scott Kelly’s genes did not return to normal after his return to Earth two years ago…
  • Russia will launch a mission to Mars in 2019
  • GM is spending $100 million on production-ready autonomous cars
  • Google is opening up Maps so game developers can create the next Pokémon Go
    …The first wave of games includes Jurassic World and The Walking Dead
  • Lyft will build self-driving cars with top auto parts supplier Magna
  • China’s WeChat Isn’t Just An App—It’s A Cross-Cultural Education
  • With millions of users, WeChat’s mini-programs draw favor among the diverse range of businesses


  • YouTube Studio exiting beta, adds new metrics for impressions, unique viewers
  • Netflix is worth more than GE or Ford
  • Airbnb has hired a former head of Amazon Prime to run its core business
  • Netflix says 70 percent of its streams end up on connected TVs
  • Next big Windows update will bring hardware-accelerated machine learning
  • The nine types of startups Y Combinator thinks the world needs in 2018
  • Self-Flying Aircraft Can Be a $30 Billion Industry by 2036, Study Suggests
  • SpaceX launches its largest satellite ever
  • Digital Transformation Review 11 – Artificial Intelligence Decoded
  • How AI Is Changing Your Job Hunt
  • Next Up for Amazon: Checking Accounts
  • Drones help bring back electricity in Puerto Rico
  • Ethereum’s smart contracts are full of holes
  • Inside Google’s plan to make the whole web as fast as AMP
  • Twitter may eventually let anyone become verified
  • Notes from Coursera Deep Learning courses


  • Amazon is taking photos of your front door to show when packages have been delivered
  • Google launched a simple browser-based sequencer for making music
  • Amazon is reportedly trying to turn Alexa into a real-time translator
  • Uber is driving patients to their doctors in a big grab for medical transit market
  • Amazon buys itself Ring, its second-biggest acquisition after Whole Foods
  • Square’s Venmo competitor — the Cash app — had more than seven million customers in December
  • Mobile World Congress shifts focus from gadgets to 5G
  • Telegram hits 100m users and commits to remaining ad-free
  • Self-driving cars will profoundly change the way people live
  • Instagram code reveals unreleased voice and video calling
  • Toyota venture to spend $2.8 billion to develop self-driving technology
  • Moon to get first mobile phone network
  • Building Your Smart Applications with Amazon AI