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  • The rocket explosion Thursday that destroyed a Facebook Inc. satellite (estimated cost 195 mio USD) marks a significant setback to the social media company’s nascent effort to spread internet access to unconnected parts of the world. (WSJ)
  • When a Commercial Rocket Blows Up, Who Pays?
  • #IoT revenues still less than 1.5% of revenue for even the most advanced telcos.
  • Google suspends Project Ara (Modular Smartphone)
  • Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery fires
  • BlackBerry teams with Samsung for ‘spy-proof’ tablet for Germany
  • Alibaba’s Tech-Hub Hometown Hosts the World’s Leaders
  • 10 Free Data Visualization Tools
  • Spotify Can’t Live on $10 a Month
  • Amazon Dash one-button device arrives in Britain
  • Ship Operators Explore Autonomous Sailing
  • Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service
  • An Algorithm to Predict a Bestseller (5000 books, 30 years, 2800 features, %80 accuracy)
  • Rocket Internet Loss Widens Following Write-Downs
  • Why Utility Poles are so important to the future of the Internet
  • Several scientists familiar with Google’s progress, including Devitt, suggest that a functioning 50-qubit quantum chip, enough to overpower conventional supercomputers at a certain kind of calculation, could be ready by as soon as the end of 2017.
  • Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services
  • How to fill out security questions.
  • Stanford : One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (2016 Report)
  • One-word article in Friday’s New York Times
  • Electric cars in : 2009: ~6,000 2015: ~1.2 Mn