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  • Atlassian to Buy Trello for $425 Million
  • Facebook to Test Mid-Roll Video Ads
  • Amazon Echo -> 4% of American households… Apple’s Siri handles over 2bn commands a week, and 20% of Google searches on Android-powered handsets in America are input by voice (Economist)
  • 7 bot trends to watch in 2017
  • Just one autonomous car will use 4,000 GB of data/day.. vehicles will generate and consume roughly 40 terabytes of data for every eight hours of driving.
  • All electric trains in the Netherlands now run on wind energy
  • Google quietly shut its internet drone project last year
  • Fitbit reportedly held talks to acquire Jawbone
  • iOS revenue to surpass $1 trillion this year
  • Why Norway is killing FM radio
  • Deep Learning at Gilt
  • Amazon Web Services has opened a London region
  • Netflix’s content boss explained the reason he bet big on ‘The Crown,’ its Golden Globe winner
  • Apple captures more than 40% of wireless headphones market in the US.
  • An average of 2,700 (!) apps were released daily in the Google Play Store, compared with 1,800 in the Apple App Store.
  • Amazon Web Services quietly buys cybersecurity startup Harvest.ai to bolster cloud protections
  • An Essential Guide to WeChat Mini Apps
  • For Non-Tech Companies, if You Can’t Build It, Buy a Start-Up
  • Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager
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