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New Technology Trends Presentation with insights is ready, you can contact with me for scheduling (12 Dec 2017)


  • Shell Plans to Spend $1 Billion a Year on Clean Energy by 2020…as the transition toward renewable power and electric cars accelerates
  • First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit…Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above
  • A new study out of the University of California in San Francisco found the Apple Watch may be able to detect a heart condition that causes over 100,000 strokes every year.
  • “…Tech giants including Baidu and Google spent between $20B to $30B on AI in 2016, with 90% of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10% on AI acquisitions…” McKinsey’s State Of Machine Learning And AI, 2017
  • Hyperledger releases its first production ready blockchain
  • eBay ‘millionaire’ sellers in Germany and UK grow 50 percent in four years.”…Fresh data published on Tuesday by eBay shows the number of million euro businesses selling on eBay grew to 1,095 from 731 in Germany last year since 2013 while million pound-plus businesses rose to 663 from 443 in Britain over the same time period
  • Amazon is quietly rolling out its own Geek Squad to set up gadgets in your home
  • Facebook says all advertisers can soon buy ads inside Messenger
  • WeChat Search is yet another brick in Tencent’s walled garden strategy…”…From the minute you wake up,” says Kiki Fan, GM of Planning & Implementation Department at Tencent, “we have Tencent News for you, the number one news site in China; social apps like QQ and WeChat, also dominating China;  music streaming services like QQ Music and KuGou, which make up 60% of market share; Tencent Video, the number one streaming platform equivalent to Netflix; not to mention the many brothers we have like Dianping, Didi and China’s number two e-commerce, JD
  • Wirecard brings WeChat Pay to Europe…”…European retailers can target over 938 million monthly active WeChat and Weixin users…
  • How Harley-Davidson Used Artificial Intelligence to Increase New York Sales Leads by 2,930%
  • Hyperloop One successfully tested its hyperloop technology on Thursday.
  • Facebook-owned Oculus VR plans to release a much cheaper virtual-reality headset priced at roughly $200 in 2018, according to a new report from Bloomberg.
  • Uber is merging its ride-sharing business with search giant Yandex in Russia
  • Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 — and how accurate he was
  • Shopify Merchants Will Soon Be Able to Sell Through EBay
  • a $100 million venture capital unit, Toyota AI Ventures, that will invest in startups specializing in artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, robotics, data analytics, and cloud computing technology.
  • “…ING warned that with battery-powered vehicles accounting for 100% of registrations in 2035 across the continent, European carmakers would lose out to their rivals in the US and Asia who already lead on battery production…”
  • Stash, now valued at $240 million, lets anyone start investing in the stock market with just $5
  • High-speed Hyperloop project ready for key test in Nevada
  • AT&T planning organizational changes, including new role for CEO: Bloomberg
  • The free robot lawyer that appealed $3 million in parking tickets is now available in the US. video