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New Technology Trends Presentation with insights is ready, you can contact with me for scheduling (12 Dec 2017)


  • The inside story of how Netflix transitioned to digital video after seeing the power of YouTube
  • Whole Foods gives Amazon hundreds of return centers. A startup wants to give other e-commerce sites the same.
  • Americans spent nearly a billion hours watching YouTube videos on Android this past July, according to new data released today by App Annie.
  • Trello finally comes to the desktop
  • Apple Watch Series 3: First impressions, LTE prices, and design choices
  • iPhone 8, Apple TV 4K, and Apple Watch Series 3 now available for preorder with Sept. 22 arrival
  • Mac OS High Sierra will be released on September 25
  • Google Chrome will block auto-play video starting January 2018
  • Alphabet Considers Lyft Investment of About $1 Billion
  • Japan’s Softbank wants to invest $10 billion in Uber, but only if it gets a big discount
  • Apple explains Face ID on-stage failure
  • Angry Birds maker Rovio targets $1bn valuation
  • Ericsson Mobility Report 2017
  • Apple Begins to Roll Out 4K Movies in US iTunes Store
  • Amazon waves goodbye to its one-click purchase patent
  • Magic Leap reportedly looking to raise even more cash, this time at a $6 billion valuation
  • The robots are coming for Mozart
  • Cassini’s final moments
  • Why did Ford build a ‘fake driverless car’ using a man dressed as a seat?
  • Elon Musk: Tesla electric lorry to be unveiled in late October