December 2016 archive


  • Amazon patents show flying warehouses that send delivery drones to your door
  • 14 busy tech leaders share their tips for managing everyday work and life
  • Volkswagen acquires PayByPhone, a parking payment app used by 12.5M users in 300 cities
  • Tencent invests in mapping company to serve driverless cars (Autonomous cars requires centimeter detailed maps)
  • Five industries under threat from technology
    (Travel agents, manufacturers, insurers, advisers and car repair garages face strain)
  • The Best Podcasts for Self-Improvement
  • AT&T Blocks Robocalls Before They Ring, If You Have the Right Phone
  • A pre-CES 2017 look at the state of autonomous vehicles
  • Volvo integrates Skype for Business in its 90 series vehicles
  • The new Microsoft under Satya Nadella is still looking good on Wall Street
  • This Robot Is Better Than Most Humans At Foosball (Twitter)
  • Mining 24 Hours a Day with Robots
  • The 2016 WeChat Data Report


  • Mobile eating the world, Ben Evans
  • Japan’s SoftBank Invests $1 Billion in Satellite Startup OneWeb
  • The Tesla Advantage: 1.3 Billion Miles of Data, Silicon Valley and Detroit can’t keep up with Elon Musk’s trove of real-world metrics.
  • Scientists Have Officially Entered the Weird World of Bacteria-Powered Batteries
  • Konami Climbs as Smartphone Soccer Game Downloads Hit 4 Million
  • DeepMind signs up second NHS trust to health app, Artificial intelligence company hopes to alert doctors to patients at risk
  • Honda and Alphabet Talk Driverless-Car Partnership, Under proposed partnership, companies would test Waymo’s sensors, computers and software in Honda’s vehicles
  • AT&T’s DirecTV Now Gets Off to a Bumpy Start
  • What was the most important technology of 2016?
  • Vodafone eyes role in traffic control for drones
  • Canada sets universal broadband goal of 50Mbps and unlimited data for all
  • Ten people to get NHS bionic eyes
  • Here’s what 22 tech stars have on their home screens
  • Voyager 1, at a distance of 137 AU, is headed toward the Ophiuchus constellation in the north, while Voyager 2, 113 AU out from the home star, is speeding toward the Pavo constellation in the south.
  • How YouTube is Shaping Content and Culture
  • YouTube in the Living Room – Online Video Becomes Part of the Furniture


  • Tencent: Inside China’s ‘killer app’ factory
  • Instagram hits 600m user milestone
  • Ikea’s smart home (source)
  • Live on Twitter: Broadcasting Video From the App
  • GE’s Software Future Starts With Selling Computer Hardwaret o help industrial customers move data between their equipment and its cloud services
  • General Electric to Buy Two Tech Startups for Its Digital Business
    GE is acquiring Inc., a machine learning firm, and Bit Stew Systems Inc., which enables the ‘ingestion’ of masses of data for industrial applications
  • Let’s build an Airport – How to estimate large scale projects
  • Apple, Spotify Face Upstart Rival in Streaming Music: China’s Tencent
    (Joox music-streaming service)
  • Amazon reportedly building app to connect truckers with shippers, possibly putting pressure on Convoy
  • ‘Super Mario Run’ Jumps to Top of App-Store Charts
  • Azure in the car: Microsoft and TomTom partner on location services for U.S. automakers
  • Subscriptions offer a more stable base of recurring revenue than traditional licenses, but Adobe hasn’t simply been replacing one form of sales for the other.
  • Another one bites the dust: Cisco discontinues its $1B cloud initiative as AWS, Azure and others expand
  • Air-launched rocket puts eight CYGNSS microsatellites in orbit to study hurricanes

2017 Trends

  • The Future 100, emerging trends for 2017 [JWT]
  • Fjord Trends 2017
  • PSFK Forecast 2020


  • Over the past 18 months, Accenture estimates that it has automated 17,000 tasks and roles, saving it around 20m hours of work per year
  • Amazon Go Video (Youtube)
  • Uber in Artificial-Intelligence Drive After Buying Startup (Geometric Intelligence)
  • Bill Gates On His Five Favorite Books Of 2016
  • Charlie Rose : A look at virtual reality with Brendan Iribe, the co-founder and C.E.O. of Oculus.
  • Charlie Rose : A look at artificial intelligence with John Kelly, senior vice president of cognitive solutions and research for the IBM Corporation.
  • New Nordstrom mobile chatbot is ready to help shoppers find the perfect holiday gift
  • Amazon Web Services expands with its first Canadian region
  • Moving to the cloud requires (and attracts) scarce, expensive talent, say 3 big AWS users
  • Microsoft just completed its $26B LinkedIn acquisition: Here’s what they’re going to do first
  • Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was
  • AngelList Buys Product Hunt, a Marriage of Two Beloved Silicon Valley Sites
  • The Hierarchy of Engagement
  • 2017 Google will reach 100% renewable energy for global operations
  • Google Opens its Digital Assistant to Developers in Race Against Amazon’s Alexa
  • Google Asisstant API
  • Facebook Messenger Platform v1.3 Features
  • Amazon Alexa API
  • Apple Music Hits 20 Million Paid Subscribers
  • Fast Path to a Great UX — Increased Exposure Hours


  • @cdixon : Steve Jobs: “there is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a great idea and a great product.”
  • @cdixon :
    2016 League of Legends finals: 43M viewers
    2016 NBA finals: 30.8M viewers
  • @morellimarcp : #Robotics market 2015 by @BCG ($ 26B)
  • @lukew: “no one will ever…”
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