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My presentation is scheduled January 23 at David Game College Training Room / you can check the Eventbrite


  • SoftBank and its co-investors have successfully acquired at least 13 percent of Uber
  • Researchers at Stanford have trained an AI to predict a person’s political leanings based on his or her neighbourhood and choice of vehicle
  • Netflix’s ‘Bright’ reached 11M viewers in its first three days, according to Nielsen“…the first episode of Stranger Things 2 reached 15.8 million people in its first three days, while the second season premiere of The Crown reached nearly 3 million viewers in the same time frame…”
  • 2018 Preview: Satellite industry 2.0…OneWeb is shooting for 2021 to achieve 2.5 gigabits per second direct to a rural home
  • Trends in drone technology [PDF]
  • Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown drama, will offer $29 battery replacements for a year
  • China begins regulating QR code payments
  • YouTube has been deactivated on the Fire TV
  • Ripple briefly overtakes Ethereum as the No. 2 crypto
  • Hyundai and Kia are developing AI assistants for cars
  • Britain’s digital banks: profitable or just popular?
  • Google is making moves towards mobile-first search
  • The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture
  • Google Search: Year in 2017
  • Why digital transformation is now on the CEO’s shoulders
  • Management is about handling complexity. Leadership is about creating simplicity. — Peter Docker
  • WeChat App to Become Official ID
  • Tinder has 2.5m paid users


My presentation is scheduled January 23 at David Game College Training Room / you can check the Eventbrite



  • Google will turn on native ad-blocking in Chrome on February 15
  • Facebook will use facial recognition to tell you when people upload your picture
  • ‘Sunday Night Football’ was the highest-rated TV show this year, but its audience is smaller than last year …On average, 18.6 million people watched it this year and 19.3 million people watched it last year.
  • How Netflix is trying to rewrite movie marketing with Bright
  • YouTube reportedly signs new music licensing deals with UMG and Sony Music
  • YouTube TV delays Apple TV and Roku apps until early 2018
  • You can now send your Amazon Echo Look selfies for crowdsourced fashion advice
  • WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data with Facebook
  • Eric Schmidt stepping down as Alphabet’s executive chairman to become a ‘technical advisor
  • Instagram now lets you share live videos through direct messages
  • Facebook has taken its first real steps into the music business
  • Are biometrics a safe way to speed up airport security?
  • China ride-hail giant Didi Chuxing has raised $4 billion
  • Sequoia is raising a new fund that could top $6 billion, as pressure from SoftBank’s mega-fund increases on Silicon Valley VCs
  • Uber has hired former Orbitz CEO Barney Harford as its first-ever COO
  • Fjord 2018 Trends
  • Personal service robot population, 2000-2050
  • Industry 4.0 – Internet of Manufacturing


  • T-Mobile plans pay-TV service in 2018 fueled by Layer3 TV acquisition
  • SpaceX launches a reused Dragon atop a reused Falcon 9 for the first time
  • Alexa skills top 25,000 in the U.S. as new launches slow
  • UX: Hide/Show Passwords
  • UX How to with Luke Wroblewski
  • Apple has finally turned on its podcast analytics feature
  • Here come the Facebook pre-roll video ads
  • Apple picks up a new space drama from the creator of ‘Battlestar Galactica
  • Google Searches for Path Back to China With Artificial-Intelligence Lab
  • Why Apple’s Shazam acquisition could be a big deal for the HomePod
  • SoftBank to Invest Around $500 Million More in OneWeb Satellite-Internet Venture
  • WSJ: “…$390 Million funding will enable  the supplier of a laser technology (vertical-cavity-surface-emitting lasers, or VCSELs) used in its iPhone X’s facial-recognition capabilities, to speed up production and boost its R&D efforts, Apple said…”
  • Facebook is paying WWE to stream some professional wrestling
  • Anyone can now build augmented reality face masks inside Facebook. Facebook is opening up its AR platform to everyone
  • Disney is acquiring Fox’s film and TV divisions for $52.4 billion…Disney details overarching direct-to-consumer plan possible through Fox deal…”…Iger added that this will allow Hulu to “become an even more viable competitor” to existing services, likely referencing Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without naming them directly. He also said that Disney will, of course, be “flowing more content in Hulu’s direction” now that it owns a controlling 39 percent majority stake…“…Hulu has 32 million subscribers (April 2017)
  • Disney CEO Wagers That Traditional TV Can Pave Way to Future
  • Disney Is About to Become the ‘Walmart of Hollywood
  • Andreessen Horowitz has a new, $450 million bio fund
  • Andrew Ng’s wants to bring artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry, starting with Foxconn
  • Nvidia and construction giant Komatsu partner on AI for job site safety
  • China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to locate a person…“…There are some 170 million CCTV cameras across the country, and that’s tipped to grow more than three-fold with 400 million more set to be installed by 2020…”
  • Elon Musk’s Boring Company is reportedly starting to dig 12.4-mile tunnel in Maryland next month
  • A robot can print this $64,000 house in as few as 8 hours — take a look inside
  • David Attenborough Warns: Sixth Mass Extinction Is Imminent
  • China Blocks Foreign Companies from Mapping Its Roads for Self-Driving Cars
  • ‘World’s First’ Solar-Powered train to begin operation in Australia
  • Japan’s Yamato plans automated facility to beat labour shortage
  • JWT 2018 :The Future 100


  • The U.S. suit against AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner likely won’t end until after May
  • 2017 was the year digital ad spending finally beat TV…“…Digital ad spending reached $209 billion worldwide — 41 percent of the market — in 2017, while TV brought in $178 billion — 35 percent of the market — in 2017. That’s according to Magna, the research arm of media buying firm IPG Mediabrands…”
  • Sony has sold over 70 million PS4 consoles, 2 million VR headsets
  • Compass gets $450M from SoftBank; real estate portal now valued at $2.2B
  • Google’s mobile search results now include videos of celebs answering your questions
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 focuses on AI, VR and battery life
  • G.E. Cuts Jobs as It Navigates a Shifting Energy Market
  • The Hidden Player Spurring a Wave of Cheap Consumer Devices: Amazon
  • When AI is made by AI, results are impressive
  • a16z next 10 years
  • YouTube to Launch New Music Subscription Service in March
  • Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising — and they now account for 25% of all ad sales, online or off
  • Amazon has opened a new research facility in the British university city of Cambridge with a wall made almost entirely out of Amazon Echo devices…The new “development centre” will be home to about 400 engineers who will work on Amazon’s Alexa assistant and drone innovation
  • Dropbox’s CEO credits his success to a habit he’s passed on to his executive team
  • Amazon may be getting ready to go on a digital media buying spree
  • DeepMind AI needs mere 4 hours of self-training to become a chess overlord…AlphaGo Zero needed three days to train up in Go; AlphaZero needed just eight hours.
  • Japan eyes startup visa program to lure foreign businesses
  • Walmex expands Wi-Fi in Mexican stores, pushing online shopping
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