November 2018 archive


  • YC alum Make School gains rare accreditation for 2-year applied CS bachelor’s degree
  • Mars Lander InSight sends the first of many selfies after a successful touchdown
  • Amazon wants brands to advertise Alexa voice shopping — essentially for free
  • AWS has %51.80 market share with 27 B USD revenue run rate.
  • AWS launches Arm-based servers for EC2
  • AWS Firecracker: Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Computing
  • AWS reinvent videos
  • AWS launches a managed Kafka service
  • Goto Conference videos
  • newest Wi-Fi protocols: 802.11ax and 802.11ay
  • FT Books of the Year 2018
  • Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
  • Researchers estimate that Python, Javascript, and R contribute billions to GDP
  • Andrew Chen: What’s next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, that’s what.
  • A new slow thinking movement
  • Revolut is ready to launch in Singapore and Japan
  • Microsoft wins $480M military contract to outfit soldiers with HoloLens AR tech


  • Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook’s latest crisis
  • Why flammable ice could be the future of energy
  • Solar geoengineering could be ‘remarkably inexpensive’ – report
  • When the Tech Mythology Collapses
  • Verizon will reportedly support iPhone eSIMs and dual SIMs in December
  • Boss as a service
  • Satellites and rockets are getting smaller. Why not rovers, too?
  • Chrome is getting scrollable tab bar, Google confirms
  • French tobacco shops to sell bitcoins via fintech company
  • Blizzard is working on a Pokémon Go style Warcraft game
  • One of the fathers of AI is worried about its future


  • Elon Musk : “Deleted my Tesla titles last week to see what would happen. I’m now the Nothing of Tesla. Seems fine so far.” Twitter, QZ Article
  • The three traits Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella looks for in leaders
    • Attribute #1: The ability to create clarity when none exists
    • Attribute #2: A knack for sparking energy
    • Attribute #3: An ability to succeed in “an over-constrained space”
  • These antique phones are precious, private Alexa vessels
  • BlackBerry is buying Cylance for $1.4 billion to continue its push into cybersecurity
  • SpaceX launched and landed another used Falcon 9 rocket (18th mission in 2018)
  • Instagram will now let users shop items from video posts
  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX Wins FCC Approval to Deploy 7,518 Satellites
  • Ford wants to launch a fleet of thousands of self-driving cars in 2021
  • Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ produce electrical patterns that resemble those of premature babies
  • List of jobs of 2028 that don’t exist yet. (Reddit)
  • Microsoft launches cloud-based development kit for blockchain


  • Fortnite Breaks Records on YouTube for Concurrent Gaming Livestream Viewers (over 1.1 million viewers)
  • Unlocking success in digital transformations
  • Elon Musk: The Recode interview
  • A Holographic Display for 3D Creators
  • Google launches Cloud Scheduler, a managed cron service
  • The eight types of AI you should know about
  • Ford buys electric scooter startup Spin
  • Netflix’s hackathon
  • Disney’s new streaming service will be called Disney+
  • Xiaomi is opening a retail store in London as it extends its Europe push
  • David Attenborough to voice Netflix’s nature conservation series, Our Planet
  • Three challenges facing blockchain technology
    • Finding good enterprise-level blockchain software developers
    • Avoiding the temptation of regulation
    • Reaching critical mass

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