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  • Amazon launches Amazon Care, a virtual and in-person healthcare offering for employees
  • The Guardian: The 100 best books of the 21st century
  • Grammarly gets a tone detector
  • “…companies all have multi-class stock structures, meaning that some of their stock — usually that which belongs to the founders — has much more powerful voting rights than others and therefore much more impact when it comes to company decisions…”
  • Paperspace adds machine learning model development pipeline to GPU service
  • Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes
  • Windows 10 is used on over 900 million devices
  • How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells
  • Car subscription service Cluno discloses €140M in debt financing
  • Equinor wins opportunity to develop the world’s largest offshore wind farm
  • Struggling Farmers See Bright Spot in Solar ($)…“…Farmers have two options for adding solar power on their farms: lease land for energy companies to generate power to funnel electricity into the grid, as the Nielsens are doing; or install their own solar panels to cut their electricity bills. Both methods can amount to more than $1,000 a month in improved margins, according to farmers and renewable-energy advocates…
  • Energy and food together: Under solar panels, crops thrive
  • Generate income by generating power – Hong Kong homes close to selling solar power under new ‘feed-in tariff’ scheme
  • Alibaba unveils self-developed AI chip for cloud computing services
  • IKEA expects to offer home solar panels in stores across all its markets in 2025

  • From Ben Evans
  • Pinterest’s Lens can now recognize 2.5 billion home and fashion objects
  • Facebook experiments with AI-powered styling program
  • Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products ($)


  • Google Wants to Be Handier for Handymen (WSJ)
    Google  is planning a service to connect users with plumbers, electricians, roofers and other home-service providers, according to two people familiar with the matter.
  • Apple Watch and Beats Music Unite in Pulse-Activated Playlist App, recommend tracks playing nearby based on changes in your pulse (PSFK)
  • The electric grid’s latest threat? Rooftop solar cells (QZ)
    Power-generating panels, called solar photovoltaics (PV), represent the fastest-growing source of electric power in the United States. In percentage terms, installed PV has grown four-fold over the past several years, and costs have fallen as rapidly as installations have risen.
  • Amazon Hints at Smart Home Future Through Echo Device (WSJ)
    The company is adding new capabilities to its Wi-Fi-connected speaker and virtual assistant, such as the ability to remotely operate lights and appliances. With just voice commands, for example, someone in bed could turn a television on and turn off the lights. Amazon informed Echo owners about the new services in an email Wednesday.
  • Android Creator Andy Rubin Launching Playground Global (WSJ)
    The creator of Android, the world’s largest mobile operating system, is returning to his roots in hardware.Mr. Rubin said Playground had raised $48 million from investors including Google, Hewlett-Packard Co., electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., and other tech companies. Playground won’t invest in startups, but will take equity stakes in return for its support.



Apple WWDC Event Özet

6 mio iOS  developer’ı

407 Apple Mağazası, günde 1 milyon ziyaretçi

Appstore 5 yaşında, 50 milyar download

Appstore 900 bin iPhone, 375 K iPad uygulaması

575 milyon İTunes hesabı

Developer’lara ödenen para 10 milyar dolar (diğer platformların toplamının 3 katı)

72 milyon Mac (5 senede  katına çıkmış)

Mac OS X : Mavericks (Kedi serisi sona erdi)

Yeni MacBook Air pil süreleri 11 inch 5-9 saat, 13 inch 7-12 saat

1.8 milyon iBooks

300 milyon iCloud hesabı

şu ana kadar 7.4 trilyon push mesaj gönderilmiş.

800 milyar iMessage

600 milyon iOS cihazı satılmış.

Smartphone kullanım araştırmasına göre iPhone’da kullanım süresi 75 dk, Android ortalaması 45 dk’nın üzerinde.

Mobile web trafiğinin %60’ı iOS’dan geliyor. Tablette trafiğin  %82 iPad’den

iOS6 dağılım oranı %93


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iOS Car : 2014

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iTunes Radio


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