Digital Stories on Technology Trends

Scheduled on January 23, 2018 / London / David Game College




  • Technology Usage Statistics
  • Evaluation of New Technologies (Hype Cycle & S-Curve)
  • New Technology Use Case Examples (e.g. AR, AI, Big Data)
  • Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook focus areas
  • New Interaction methods & digital assistants
  • How tech companies work and develop new products (Amazon, Apple, Google)
What will you learn
  • example of potential or business use cases and insights on  AI, AR, Big Data
  • connecting dots in the technology news
  • insights for video/content trends and voice/digital assistants

Who is it for
This is a non-technical presentation, anyone who is curious about how technology is disrupting business models



Artificial intelligence is trying to write the next Game of Thrones book (Source: WEF)

“…Online fashion tech startup is selling technology that analyzes pieces of clothing and automatically generates an image of the garment on a person of any size, shape, or wearing any kind of shoes… ” (Source: QZ)

Artificial intelligence is helping astronomers discover new planets (Source: Wired UK)

Andrew Ng Says Factories Are AI’s Next Frontier (MIT Technology Review)