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  • Vector is a robot for grownups
  • App Annie: Android users will download 170 billion apps in 2018 thanks to Fortnite
  • Amazon Is in the Running to Buy a Movie Theater Chain
  • Amazon Is in the Early Stages of Entering the Health Insurance Comparison Business
  • PitchBook Data : 2018 Unicorn Report
  • Alexa and Cortana integration starts rolling out
  • Square cuts chip card processing time by 44% to 2 seconds
  • BCG Report: Television’s $30 Billion Battlefield
  • Apple could launch glasses in 2020, Apple Car in 2023, predicts analyst with strong track record
  • Netflix tests subscriber payment approach to cut Apple out


  • How AI Is Changing Sales
  • How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry
  • Why Uber will win the scooter wars
  • MessageBird offers single API for customer comms across WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and more
  • Facebook builds its own AR games for Messenger video chat
  • The global heat wave as seen by satellites, airplanes, and weather stations
  • Snap’s strategy shifts win over advertisers more than users
  • The new genre of artificial intelligence programs take computer hacking to another level
  • When bots teach themselves to cheat
  • Why urban farming is changing the future of agriculture
  • (in Turkish) Levent Erden – Dijital CEO ile Teknoloji Sohbetleri #46
  • Snap’s Drop in Active Users Could Signal a Social Media Peak…Snapchat’s user base shrank by three million people last quarter
  • Visualizing real 3D weather using satellite imagery and SceneKit
  • “…It takes approximately half a billion files, or about 600 terabytes of storage and 120 million core hours of rendering, to create an animated feature-length film, Mr. Wike said. Put another way, it would take about 15,000 years to create a film on a laptop, he said…The company employs 800 artists worldwide and 200 IT and software development staff. Its on-premise data center consists of 48,000 processing cores…” WSJ
  • Magic Leap’s headset is real, but that may not be enough
  • Here’s how Fortnite hooked 125 million players
  • ‘Stories’ was Instagram’s smartest move yet
  • Gaming chat app Discord will start selling games to its 150 million users
  • Tinder will generate more than $800 million in revenue this year
  • Apple hints at plan to build a car after all as it rehires ex-Tesla engineering head


  • WhatsApp now allows group voice and video calls between up to 4 people
  • WhatsApp launches its first revenue-generating enterprise product “Business API
  • Boeing’s new R&D center focuses on autonomous flight
  • some Netflix error messages (Twitter)
  • New study finds it’s harder to turn off a robot when it’s begging for its life
  • Walmart pilots a grocery-picking robot to fulfill customers’ online orders
  • Will self-driving cars kill parking?
  • Arm acquires data management service Treasure Data to bolster its IoT platform
  • Rent the Runway bet on the death of clothing ownership — and now it’s doubling down
  • Musk Confirms Massive Compute Required, But Is Developing Their Own Processor The Right Direction?
  • Fortnite is ditching Google Play in a grab for even more money


  • Google joins the race to $1 trillion
  • SpaceX’s Third Hyperloop Pod Competition
  • Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox range reportedly includes a powerful console and a game streaming device
  • Yelp now tells you how clean your favorite restaurant is
  • Luke Wroblewski: What Can Bike Sharing Apps Teach Us About Mobile On-boarding Design
  • SoftBank Plans Payments Service for Japan by Year-End
  • Europe launched four more Galileo satellites on Wednesday, taking the number in orbit to 26 and moving a step closer to having its own navigation system
  • In a novel study to find out how early our instinct for cooperation begins, Yale researchers performed an experiment with kids between the ages of four and 10.
  • It is not the brain that determines if people are right or left-handed, but the spinal cord
  • Google is building “virtual agents” to handle call centers’ grunt work
  • What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages
  • AI defeats elite doctors in diagnosis competition
  • Netflix is adding over 100 new user profile icons
  • Google Cloud Next Conference Videos

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