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  •  Morgan Stanley, Apple Autonomous Car estimations
    • Technology connected to an autonomous car may be the ticket. ”We note that Apple prefers to develop and design its products in-house and to outsource the actual production and assembly process. This could be enabled by cars going autonomous – we estimate over 60% of the value of the autonomous car will come from software vs. 10% today,” she wrote.

      Other points covered in the research note:

      –Total Market: The automotive TAM (total addressable market) is $10 trillion of installed base, with and annual new vehicle revenues of [roughly] $1.6 trillion. “This dwarfs smartphones at $400 [billion] and PCs at $266 [billion] of annual revenue…If AAPL were to corner just 25% of the value of the car, it would be equivalent to the entire smartphone industry today.” (Source: Forbes)

  • Microsoft’s mind-blowing vision of the future: 3D holograms, smart surfaces, next-gen wearables, and ‘fluid mobility

  • 2nd generation Pebble is now taking preorders in Kickstarter.  hits 500 K USD in 17 minutes.
  • Video: The Facebook chief executive officer talks drones, lasers, and debates with Bill Gates
  • Scanadu’s New Pee Stick Puts The Medical Lab On Your Smartphone
  • When Drones Aren’t Enough, Amazon Envisions Trucks with 3D Printers
  • Apple sends out invites for March 9 event, likely for Apple Watch
  • Bionic Eye helps blind man see his wife for the first time in 10 years
  • The first full-scale Hyperloop test track may launch in California next year
  • Google just paid $25 million to buy the entire ‘.app’ web domain

  • Toyota hackathon winners aimed for drone that automatically follows a car

  • US Mobile Market Update – Q4 2014 and 2014

 The average mobile data consumption (cellular) crossed 2GB/mo in 2014. In the US, it took roughly 20 years to reach the 1GB/user/mo mark. However, the second GB mark has been reached in less than 4 quarters. An entire year’s worth of mobile data traffic in 2007 is now reached in less than 100 hours. (Source : Chetan Sharma)