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  • The long list of new Alexa devices Amazon announced at its hardware event
  • Scientists have moved one step closer to RNA editing, which could be the next stage of CRISPR
  • Disney has a million subscribers for its ESPN streaming-only service, which launched in April
  • A Google programmer just published a book of hilarious cartoons that shows what it’s really like to work at the search giant
  • ...This year, according to people familiar with Apple’s production plans, the company prioritized production of its two pricier OLED models…The staggered release gives Apple a month to sell the higher-end models without cheaper competition from itself. It also simplifies logistics and retail demands and could strengthen Apple’s ability to forecast sales and production of all three models through the Christmas holidays, analysts and supply chain experts said… WSJ
  •  Five security settings in iOS 12 you should change right now
  • Polestar unveils first production EV with aim to overtake Tesla
  • Germany’s Self-Driving Streetcar Puts Autonomous Tech on Track
  • Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two — and one part will be led by China
  • Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021


  • Amazon-sponsored product ads
  • Tesla to drop some colour options for cars to simplify production
  • Apple’s autonomous vehicle fleet swells 27% in four months
  • Everything Apple announced at it’s September 12 ‘Gather Round’ event
  • Venture-Capital Firm Kleiner Perkins Plans to Split, and Mary Meeker is
  • Apple is talking to big newspapers about joining its subscription service
  • Why Roku isn’t afraid of competition from Apple, Google and Amazon
  • ChargePoint is adding 2.5M electric vehicle chargers over the next 7 years
  • Drone operating system startup Airware today suddenly informed employees it will cease operations
  • SpaceX will be announcing  a plan to send someone around the moon
  • Microsoft acquires Lobe, a drag-and-drop AI tool
  • The US Navy’s newest submarine comes with an Xbox controller


  • Mercedes-Benz unveils the EQC to kick off $12 billion electric offensive
  • Amazon opens its largest Amazon Go convenience store yet
  • Airbnb for Work is getting bigger
  • Amazon became the second publicly traded U.S. company to hit the $1 trillion market cap milestone
  • Opportunity rover still MIA as the dust settles on Mars
  • Google Chrome is 10 years old
  • This is how computers “predict the future
  • China is becoming the electric car market for the world
  • Global Tree Cover Has Expanded More Than 7 Percent Since 1982
  • Volvo’s 360c concept car is a fully autonomous bedroom on wheels…Volvo Cars is taking aim at the aviation industry, saying self-driving vehicles could eliminate the need for some short-haul flights.
  • New Zeeland Bunkers
  • AI beats doctors at predicting heart disease deaths
  • Dyson Moves Ahead on $2.6 Billion E-Car Plan With Test Track
  • Instagram is building a standalone app for shopping
  • Japanese engineers begin work on a space elevator


  • Germany reaches 100K home battery storage installations
  • Designing the Future of Work
  • Report: Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry
  • Chinese investments in AI, chips, and electric vehicles have reached an estimated $300 billion
  • Innovation and Culture at Amazon
  • Report: The New Physics of Financial Services – How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial ecosystem
  • Amazon’s Dominance in E-commerce
  • How Hollywood Is Racing to Catch Up With Netflix
  • Cary Fukunaga Doesn’t Mind Taking Notes from Netflix’s Algorithm
  • The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Alvin Toffler
  • Amazon is preparing to roll out new, free video streaming services for Fire TV users
  • Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers
  • Apple announces the September 12 event, and new iPhones are likely
  • LEGO built a drivable Bugatti Chiron out of a million pieces of Technic
  • Clinc is building a voice AI system to replace humans in drive-through restaurants
  • Microsoft has introduced an AI-infused web design tool called Sketch2Code that converts hand-drawn webpage mockups into functional HTML markup

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