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  • Intel’in attığı tweete göre bir futbol topundaki altıgen alana 3.4 milyar transistor sığabiliyor. (If people were transistor-sized, all 3.4 billion of us watching could fit on a single football hexagon)
  • Total iBeacon shipments will blow past 60 million units by 2019
  • Princeton researchers use sunlight to convert CO2 more efficiently than plants do
  • Tim Cook’s Vision for ‘His’ Apple Begins to Emerge (CEO Pushes Executives to Be More Collaborative, Broaden Its Legendary Laser Focus WSJ)
  • Dubai to Build the First Air-Conditioned Mini-City
  • Video : Amazon Drone Delivery Closer to Reality
  • Andy Serkis on Future of Performance-Capture Roles
  • Video : Andy Serkis Channels Gollum & Caesar The Ape (1:53 🙂
  • This is the sound of electric cars racing
  • Slideshare : 26 Product Launch Strategies
  • Slideshare : The Psychology of Objects