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  • Apple iPhone6 ve iPhone6 Plus, Watch ve Apple Pay’i tanıttı.
    • iPhone 5 ve 5s toplam cihaz sayısı 200 mio
    • 4.7 ve 5.5 inch – 1334×750 1920×1080 pixels
    • iPhone 6’larda kullanılan işlemci A8 ve M8
    • A8’de 2 milyar transistor bulunuyor
    • M8’in mesafe ve çıkılan kat (elevation) hesaplayabiliyor
    • iOS8 17 Eylül’de download’a sunulacak
    • iPhone6, ilk iPhone’den 50 kat daha hızlı
    • AppStore’da 1.3 mio uygulama bulunuyor.
    • Saat’in 3 modeli (Watch, Sport, Edition) olacak ve 2015 yılında satışa sunulacak, 349 dolardan başlayacak
    • Saat’in üzerinde yeni bir iletişim modeli bulunuyor, Flirt uygulamalarında kullanılabilir
    • Apple Pay iPhone6lar ve watch ile kullanılabilecek.
  • Goldman calls Apple launch ‘impressive’ in lifting earnings estimate and stock-price target to $115, up from $107.
  • Spotify, video reklamlara başlıyor.
  • Five brands successfully embracing the ‘internet of things
  • 15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies & Startups
  • This Emergency Smartboat Won’t Need Sailors to Help It Navigate
  • Harvard students know which way the wind is blowing. According to a report from the Harvard Crimson, the school’s introductory computer science class (CS50) has a record 818 undergraduates this fall.
  • U2’s Apple deal shows why musicians don’t sell music anymore (Source : QZ)
    • Now Apple has changed its tune yet again, offering the entire U2 album “Songs of Innocence” for free to 500 million iTunes users.
    • Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis hazarded a guess that Apple is paying the band up to $30 million in exchange for offering the album free to its hundreds of millions of users. “That’s probably what the Beats by Dre model is all about: Apple as a label,” he wrote in his email newsletter. “Everyone wins: free music for us, another selling point for Apple & artists get absurd exposure through sampling.”
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  • With VoLTE already rolling out, AT&T turns to Wi-Fi calling in 2015
  • Thinking about farming in space? Choose Mars over the moon. A Dutch study found that many types of plants could survive 50 days in synthetic Martian and lunar soil, but the Martian plants grew significantly better. (GigaOM)
  • Apple IPhone 6 Plus stock sells out, shipping delayed 3-4 weeks
  • 2012 rakamlarına göre iPhone üretim süresi 24 saati buluyor.

    141 Steps required to make an iPhone
    24 Hours of labor it takes to manufacture the phone
    325 Sets of hands it takes to make a single iPad
    5 Days it takes to make a single iPad