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  • Microsoft Minecraft’ın yapımcı firmasını 2.5 milyar dolara satın aldı. Minecraft XBox konsollarında 12 milyon download rakamına ulaştı PC ve Mac kullanıcı sayısı 16.6 milyon. 40 çalışanı var ve geçen sene 100 milyon doların üzerinde gelir elde etti. Microsoft’un yeni nesillere erişimi, teknoloji algısını kuvvetlendirmesi, mobil ve sosyal alanda kuvvetli bir uygulama ile güç kazandırabilir.
    • Minecraft offers Microsoft a platform with strong elements of social and mobile usage, two areas where it has struggled so far. But perhaps most importantly, Minecraft gives Microsoft an intergenerational success story that few other games or services can replicate.The Verge spoke with dozens of parents who see Minecraft not only as an incredible tool for bonding with their children, but a gateway to education in computer science that could restore some appeal to the Microsoft brand for the next generation. Ari Paparo, an ad-tech entrepreneur in New York, plays Minecraft with his own children. “My eight year-old son says: ‘If Apple wanted to get cooler they would buy Minecraft instead of Beats.’”  
      (The Verge)
  • Where (in the Human Body) Venture Capital Is Going (WSJ)
  • 100,000 Digitized Art History Materials from the Getty Research Institute Now Available in the Digital Public Library of America
  • Y Combinator Releases Its Curriculum as a Stanford Class — And Online
  • Larry Ellison to Step Aside as Oracle CEO
  • Samsung kasım ayında Hindistan’da Tizen işletim sistemli akıllı telefonunu piyasaya sunacak.
  • “Google confirmed the next version of its Android operating system will encrypt user data by default, making it difficult for law enforcement or phone thieves to read data on a phone without user cooperation
    …for devices with Android “L” installed, the next version of the operating system which is expected to be released in October, encryption will be turned on by default.”
  • “SoftBank’s Alibaba Alchemy: How to Turn $20 Million Into $50 Billion….Son displayed when he pumped $20 million from his company into a fledgling Chinese Internet venture 14 years ago”. (WSJ)
  • IBM Hopes To Lure New Data-Hungry Customers With Freemium Watson Analytics Tool
  • Why most people aren’t downloading apps anymore
  • Apple and Amazon Take Baby Steps Toward Digital Sharing
  • SAP said on Thursday that it had agreed to acquire Concur Technologies, an enterprise software company based in Seattle, for about $8.3 billion.