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  • Twitter Flight Developer Conference : Youtube
  • Samsung 5G hız testinde sabit 7.5 Gbps, 100 km hızla giderken 1.2 Gbps hıza ulaştı.
  • Charlie Rose: George Lucas
  • Google yeni e-mail hizmeti Inbox’ı tanıttı.
  • GhostDash head-up display creates virtual rivals for racers in training
  • Nest Smarthome firması Revolv’u satın aldı.
  • Connected Car pazarı 6 yılda 131 milyar dolara ulaşacak.
  • Pichai is currently a Senior Vice President at Google, overseeing Chrome, Android, and Google Apps. Recode’s report notes his new role would give Pichai control over research, search, maps, Google+, commerce and ads, in addition to the products he already handles.
  • WSJ -“Music sales at Apple’s iTunes Store have fallen 13% to 14% world-wide since the start of the year, according to people familiar with the matter. “
  • Netflix DVD için hizmet veren callcenter’ını kapattı.
  • Lumia, Microsoft’un yeni akıllı telefon markası oldu.
  • Slideshare
    • JWT: The Future of Payments & Currency (October 2014)
    • 24 Books You’ve Never Heard Of – But Will Change Your Life
    • How to Think Like a Futurist
    • Data Monetization in the Age of Big Data: Five Steps for Mobile Operators