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  • Ericsson 5G Slideshare
    • In 2020, there will be more than 9 billion subscriptions, and billions
      of things will be connected – all with varying needs.
    • The applications that are built on 5G will bring
      a benefit to society, support resource sharing,
      enable smart use of available resources, and deliver
      connectivity at an affordable price
  • WSJ D Live, videos
    • Xiaomi sold about 18 million phones in the past year and it is forecasting sales of 60 million units this year.(WSJ)
    • Ericsson controls a third of the global market for wireless networks
    • Google X Team Hopes to Develop Nanoparticles to Provide Early Detection of Cancer, Other Diseases
  • Ben Evans Slideshare
  • Facebook, Whatsapp’a ait ilk 6 aylık sonuçları açıkladı.
  • Chinese phonemakers are preparing to take on the world (The Economist)
  • Andy Rubin, Google’dan ayrılıyor.
  • Photo Math uygulamasını 6 mio kişi download etti.
  • Bloomberg Tim Cook interview
  • The Global Innovation 1000: Top 20 R&D Spenders 2005-2014 (R&D Bütçeleri Samsung 13.4 milyar dolar, Intel 10.6 milyar dolar, Google 8 milyar dolar, Novartis 9.9 milyar dolar)
  • Microsoft’un giyilebilir cihazı ile ilgili yorumlar
  • A CIO’s guide to the future of work