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  • Ken Robinson’ın röportajından
    • Paul McCartney Liverpool’da okula gittiği dönemde okulda kimse tarafından müzik yeteneği keşfedilmemiş. Aynı sınıfta George Harrison’da varmış. Bir müzik öğretmenin sınıfında Beatles’ın yarısı varmış ve yeteneklerini atlamış.
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    • “KEN ROBINSON, EDUCATION & CREATIVITY EXPERT: Yes. I mean, I don’t mean to say that you have to have failed at school before you can be a success, but an awful lot of people who did well after school didn’t do well in school. Paul McCartney went to school in Liverpool and, as you say, he went through the whole of his education there and nobody thought he had any musical talent. One of the other people in the same music group – music class – was George Harrison, the lead guitarist of The Beatles, and he went through school as well and nobody noticed had any talent. So I was saying this recently that this one teacher in Liverpool in the ’50s had half The Beatles in his class and he missed it. And the point about this is that, you know, talent is often buried deep; it’s not lying around on the surface, but our education systems at the moment are still very focused on a certain type of ability, and the result is very many brilliant people are marginalised by the whole process.”
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