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    • Google’s Android to Take On Facebook in Virtual Reality
      Secret team at search giant working on new version of popular OS for virtual reality (WSJ)
    • Zombie Projects: How to Find Them and Kill Them (HBR)
      • 1- Use simple, transparent, predetermined criteria. 
      • 2-Involve outsiders. 
      • 3-Codify lessons learned along the way. 
      • 4-Expand the definition of success.
      • 5-Communicate widely. 
      • 6-Provide closure.
    • Preview 27 different Apple Watch apps in your browser (GigaOM)
    • Sony to release Playstation 4 virtual reality headset in 2016 (GigaOM)
    • Report: Google preparing iOS app for Android Wear smartwatches (GigaOM)
    • How companies assess your financial risk based only on your email address (QZ)
      • Email domain: “The analysis of the email domain can be very powerful, as it allows the understanding of the existing controls around the creation of an email address,” Carvalho tells Quartz. In general, corporate email addresses pose less risk when it comes to online fraud versus email services open to the public, such as Yahoo or Gmail.
        Age of email address: Emailage can obtain information about the age of some email addresses. An email address created around the time an order was placed is another red flag for merchants.
        Numeric patterns: Patterns in email handles, such as the numbers in John12345, can also be a possible sign of fraud.
        Logic patterns: More sophisticated fraudsters use technology to automatically generate email addresses. “The act of creating these addresses often reveals patterns of logic used to create them,” says Carvalho. “We can detect these patterns and identify other email addresses associated with the same fraud ring before fraud happens.”
        Email tumbling: Some email addresses, such as those from Gmail, still work when users add special characters, such as a period or plus sign, to the handle. People sometimes use this workaround to create multiple accounts with one email address. (Source QZ)
    • Apple Suppliers Told to Produce Larger iPad in Second Half (WSJ)
    • Minecraft’s Markus Persson Tells All On His Sale To Microsoft, And What’s Next (Forbes)
    • Haiku Deck’s new AI tool can automatically generate your next presentation (TNW)
    • Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2016 Preview with Retina graphics and cloud integration (TNW)
    • Apple may partner with HBO on the launch of its $15/month streaming service (VentureBeat)
    • Reid Hoffman’s Two Rules for Strategy Decisions (HBR)
      • Reid’s first principle is speed. One of his most popular quotes is, “If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.” Another is, “In founding a startup, you throw yourself off a cliff and build an airplane on the way down.” Practically, Reid employs several decision making hacks to prioritize speed as a factor for which option is best — and to speed up the process of making the decision itself.
      • Reid’s second principle is simplicity — simplicity enables speed
    • Music discovery app Shazam will now identify products (BI)
    • Here’s why Apple joining the Dow is a ‘historic moment’ for the company (BI)

      * Stocks in the Dow have more visibility
      * Joining the Dow also opens up Apple to a new class of investor
      * According to Dow Jones, “a stock typically is added only if the company has an excellent reputation, demonstrates sustained growth, and is of interest to a large number of investors,” and so on some level, Dow Jones is reaffirming Apple’s corporate reputation with this addition.