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  • Morse Code Translator
  • Facebook is building a fleet of giant solar-powered drones (Business Insider). Aquila can reportedly stay in the air for up to three months at a time, and beam high-speed internet from between 60,000 and 90,000 feet in the air. They’ll be lighter than a small car, but as long as a Boeing 767.
  • Apple could release 3 new iPhones this year (Business Insider)
    the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, and a smaller device currently known as the iPhone 6C.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Storage for 60 USD (Digital Trends)
  • A Navy Diving Suit That Recycles Wasted Oxygen and Helium (Wired)
  • Adorable Plant Monitors (Trendhunter)
  • Google To Build Robotic Surgery Platform With Johnson & Johnson (TechCrunch)