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  • For a More Creative Brain, Travel (The Atlantic)
    New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the mind.
  • IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) Growth: Short- and Long-Term Factors, Chapter 3 [PDF]
  • Virtual-Reality Projects Get Hollywood Treatment (WSJ)
    Directors like Steven Spielberg are creating content for immersive offerings ahead of consumer headset push 
  • Jawbone Puts Mobile Payments Into New Up4 Fitness Band (WSJ)
    The Up4 will be the first Jawbone band to include an NFC chip, and that chip will be dedicated to mobile payments.
  • Netflix Inc. added a better-than-expected 4.88 million subscribers in the March quarter, as the streaming service sacrificed some profits to keep up its aggressive international expansion.

    Investors cheered the subscriber growth, which topped Netflix’s own forecast for 4.05 million additions. Including customers signed up for free trials, Netflix now has more than 62 million subscribers world-wide. (WSJ)

  • ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ PC Version Benchmarked Across 14 Nvidia And AMD Graphics Cards (Forbes)
  • 5 Moleskine Hacks To Boost Your Productivity (Medium)
  • How to Track the Team’s Mood with a Niko-niko Calendar (Agile Trail)