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  • The Next Billion: London, Quartz’s forum on the mobile world (QZ) (Video Stream)
  • Google’s YouTube will now allow for live video streams that run at a high rate of 60 frames per second, double its prior limit of 30 fps. 60 fps is important for fast-growing market of videogames as spectator sports (WSJ)
  • Google added shopping elements to YouTube’s skippable pre-roll video advertisements, known as TrueView ads. During some TrueView ads, viewers will also see product offers from the same advertiser, with prices, images and a button to click that will take them to the advertiser’s website. (WSJ)
  • Google reportedly developing ‘Brillo,’ an OS for the Internet of Things
    The lightweight version of mobile operating system Android would help smart devices communicate better with each other, according to a report in The Information. (Cnet)
  • Spotify wants to keep you locked into its service by morphing into a one-stop media shop. (Cnet)
  • How accurate is the Apple Watch’s step counter and distance tracking? (Cnet)
  • 10 New Jobs People Will Have By the Year 2030