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    • Oculus Gives Ballpark Pricing for Running the Rift: $1,500 (WSJ)
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    • The domestic airline industry, looking to capitalize on luggage fees and other new revenue streams after a string of profitable years, is turning to an unlikely inspiration in a new service push:  Airlines, including Alaska Air Group Inc., Virgin America Inc. and JetBlue Airways  re developing software to facilitate in-flight purchases through passenger mobile devices and to analyze transaction data. (WSJ)
    • Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine? (NPR)Will_Your_Job_Be_Done_By_A_Machine____Planet_Money___NPR
    • “Google Jump, unveiled at the company’s I/O developer conference, deals with the other side of the equation: How will content creators be able to easily create media for these elaborate headsets?… Jump is all about making more of that stuff. The camera system, which Google is open-sourcing, provides a way for creators to capture high-quality 3D video relatively easily. “Relatively” because you still need multiple cameras to do it — the first Jump camera, made by GoPro, has 16 of them. But Jump does the heavy lifting of ensuring all those cameras are synchronized, not to mention splicing all the footage together.” (Mashable)

    • GoPro: Land, Air and Sea – A Virtual Reality Experience