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  • OpenMind BBVA :Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age [PDF]
  • Business Model Examples

  • Commodore lives on as a C64 game-playing smartphone (Mashable)
  • Google and other companies will offer free or low-cost Internet service to more than 275,000 low-income households through a program called ConnectHome (Bloomberg)
  • Uber’s Manhattan Invasion Is Killing the Loan Market for Taxis Taxi companies typically borrow against the value of medallions — licenses to carry passengers — and then refinance the loans before they come due. Citigroup Inc. is trying to foreclose on 89 medallions, New York Community Bancorp Inc. put its taxi-loan portfolio up for sale, and credit unions with a combined $2.5 billion in medallion loans are suing the city for failing to stop Uber from stealing customers. Amid the turmoil, the value of a medallion has sunk to $770,000 from $1.1 million in 2013, according to data from the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. (Bloomberg)
  • Immerz’s $150 Kor-FX 4DFX gaming vest promises to provide tactile feedback, like the ability to feel onscreen gunfire and explosions, on your chest by transforming audio into vibrations. (Mashable)

  • Google, Mozilla Disable Flash Over Security Concerns Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers blocked old versions Adobe ‘s animation software — often used to play online videos — following news reports that hackers were using a security bug to take over peoples’ computers. (WSJ)
  • New Horizons : Pluto Flyby After nine-and-a-half years, New Horizons probe made Pluto flyby with more than 45.000 km/h speed in Jun 14,within 12,500km of the body’s surface. (WSJ Graphic )



  • Fantasy Sports Create Billion-Dollar Startups As appetites for daily fantasy sports grow among fans, FanDuel Inc., has raised $275 million in a round of venture funding with a post-money valuation of $1.275 billion, according to people familiar with the deal. (WSJ)
  • Mario Creator Tops List of Contenders to Lead Nintendo (WSJ)
  • According to a study (pdf) conducted at the school, computers loaded with Adblock Plus downloaded on average 25% less data than those without. Looking at video traffic alone, computers with Adblock Plus loaded as much as 40% less traffic. (QZ),
  • Google wants to make your cell phone’s screen disappear, In a patent awarded to the company July 14, Google outlined a new process for creating smartphone displays that match the color of the phone itself. Every cellphone on the market today has a screen that looks black when the display is off, but Google’s new idea could match the display color to the body of the phone using an electronically-controlled “color changing layer” that sits between the glass on the phone and the phone’s display. (QZ)