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  • How Strong Is Apple’s Grip Over Mobile Phones? The Short Answer: The iPhone commands 55% of industry revenue (WSJ)
  • Blog / Sam Altman /The days are long but the decades are short (link)
  • Sony said Wednesday it plans to create a drone company called Aerosense in a joint venture with Tokyo startup ZMP Inc., which specializes in autopilot technology. Aerosense will offer services such as inspecting aged infrastructure and surveying land that is difficult for people to access. “The key to driving growth in these areas will be adapting Sony’s innovation in various technologies,” including cameras and sensors (WSJ)
  • How Hackable Is Your Car? (Wired)
  • Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway (Wired)
  • Apple Inc. is recruiting experts from the auto industry, a signal that its efforts to develop an electric car could be gaining ground (WSJ)
  • more than 8,500 Apple Watch apps (the Verge)
  • Apple Quarter Results, Apple said Tuesday its profit surged 38%, aided again by strong demand for the company’s latest iPhones and robust growth in China where sales more than doubled. The gains lifted Apple’s cash reserves to a record $203 billion. (WSJ)
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. unveiled plans Wednesday to protect user data on its cloud computing platforms globally, highlighting the e-commerce giant’s ambitions to expand its services in markets like the U.S. where it has plans to build a second data center. (WSJ)
  • GoPro Inc.’s revenue surged 72% in the second quarter, helped by strong demand for its wearable cameras in Europe and Asia.Revenue in the quarter ended June 30 was $419.9 million, up from $244.6 million a year earlier.  (WSJ)




  • Microsoft Quarter Results
    • Devices and Consumer revenue declined 13% (down 10% in constant currency) to $8.7 billion, with the following business highlights:· Windows OEM revenue decreased 22% as revenue was impacted by PC market declines following the XP end-of-support refresh cycle · Surface revenue grew 117% to $888 million, driven by Surface Pro 3 and launch of the Surface 3 · Total Xbox revenue grew 27% based on strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first party games · Search advertising revenue grew 21% with Bing U.S. market share at 20.3%, up 110 basis points over the prior year · Office 365 Consumer subscribers increased to 15.2 million, with nearly 3 million subscribers added in the quarterCommercial revenue increased slightly (up 4% in constant currency) to $13.5 billion, with the following business highlights:· Commercial cloud revenue grew 88% (up 96% in constant currency) driven by Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online and is now on an annualized revenue run rate of over $8 billion · Server products and services revenue grew 4% (up 9% in constant currency), with stable annuity performance offsetting declines in transactional revenue · Dynamics revenue grew 6% (up 15% in constant currency), with the Dynamics CRM Online install base growing almost 2.5x · Office Commercial products and services revenue declined 4% (up 1% in constant currency), with continued transition to Office 365 and lower transactional revenue due to declining business PCs following the XP end-of-support refresh cycle · Windows volume licensing revenue declined 8% (down 4% in constant currency), driven primarily by transactional revenue declining following the XP end-of-support refresh cycle with annuity growth on a constant currency basis(Microsoft Investor Relations)