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  • WSJD Conference Videos
  • Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ (Pulse)
  • Amazon Web Services cloud-computing unit, which rents out computing power to other companies, reported a 79% sales increase to $2.09 billion. (WSJ)
  • Microsoft’s combined cloud businesses are running at an annual revenue rate of $8.2 billion and are on track to hit a $20 billion target. (WSJ)
  • Microsoft Edge won’t get Chrome-like extensions until 2016 (ArsTechnica)
  • Android compatibility document mentions forthcoming car infotainment OS (ArsTechnica)
  • Amazon acquired Kiva Robots $775 mio USD in 2012 to automate the
    whole picking and packing process at large warehouses.  Amazon began using Kiva robots only last year, and by the end of 2014, said it had 15,000 bots working across 10 of its warehouses. At the end of Q3, 30,000 bots at 13 warehouses. (Business Insider)
  • 3 people have crossed the US in an Autopilot Tesla — in 58 hours – 2,995 miles across the US, from Redondo Beach in California to New York City.(Business Insider)
  • Apple is planning a big design change for its next iPhone that could include removing the home button, analyst says (Business Insider)