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  • Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said artificial intelligence will be crucial for the coming age in which speaking and texting will be “the new U.I.” for software. (WSJ)
  • Companies including Gap Inc., Starbucks Corp and Target Corp.have come under fire for turning workers’ lives upside down with unpredictable hours set by automated scheduling software. Now one of the largest vendors of such software aims to profit from a different approach: prioritizing employee satisfaction. (WSJ)
  • What do Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving cars and old folks have in common? They both get pulled over for driving too slowly. (WSJ)
  • Watchmaker Fossil Group Inc. has agreed to acquire startup Misfit Inc., a maker of wearable fitness trackers, for $260 million. (WSJ)
  • iPad Pro review: Mac-like speed with all the virtues and restrictions of iOS (ArsTechnica)
  • The direction of computing is only going in one way—to the cloud, just 16 years after it first formed.(ArsTechnica)
  • Microsoft Invented Google Earth in the 90s Then Totally Blew It (Motherboard)
  • Visa is exploring using the blockchain to power money transfers (VentureBeat)