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  • What is going to happen in 2016 (Business Insider)
  • A New York Times reporter took a one-second video every day last year, and the results are fascinating (Business Insider)
  • In late 2015, Microsoft published a free e-book anthology of science fiction stories called “Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft.
    (Business Insider)
  • A $5,900 robotic chair for the office
  • 2016: the year when VR goes from virtual to reality (BBC)
  • LG Display, Samsung Display to supply OLED screens for iPhones (Reuters)
  • U.S. Internet connection speeds have tripled over 3-1/2 years to keep up with consumer demands for streaming video and downloading content but the United States still lags many other countries.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said in a report on Wednesday average download connection speeds had increased to nearly 31 megabits per second (Mbps) in September 2014 from about 10 Mbps in March 2011. (Reuters)
  • Huawei Technologies Co. said Thursday its full-year 2015 revenue rose 35.3% from a year earlier to 390 billion yuan ($60.1 billion), aided by strong sales growth for smartphones. (WSJ)
  • even the best computers still can’t beat the best human GO players. (WSJ)
  • Downdetector
  • Amazon added 3 million Prime members in the third week of December, the company announced Monday, signaling its $99 annual subscription for delivery discounts as well as video and music streaming continues to draw shoppers as spending shifts online. (Bloomberg)
  • The cost of mobile data in Southeast Asia (Infographic)(TechInAsia)