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  • Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Report (compass)
  • A Search Engine for Your Memories
    An inventor at IBM has patented technology for a cognitive assistant that could learn all about you, then remind you of a name you can’t remember the moment you need to say it.(The Atlantic)
  • Apple Reports 1 Billion “Active” Devices (Tech Crunch)
  • Facebook Inc. on Wednesday posted more than $1 billion in quarterly profit for the first time (WSJ)
  • AWS revenues grew about 69% between Q4 2015 and the year-ago quarter, going from $1.42 billion to $2.41 billion.AWS is also profitable, and profits nearly tripled, from $240 million to $687 million.

    Microsoft’s overall revenue from server products plus Azure was about $5.1 billion, the vast majority of the “Intelligent Cloud” segment’s overall $6.34 billion (the rest comes from consulting and support) (Business Insider)

  • There’s over 200 separate individual parts” in the iPhone’s camera module…The iPhone’s camera is so good because 800 people are working on it (The Verge)

  • Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Secret Camera Project Revealed
    April, Apple made a $20 million purchase of the camera technology company LinX Computational Imaging Ltd and, in so doing, acquired technologies enabling the use of multiple cameras which can combine their outputs into a single image with claimed DSLR-like quality. (Fortune)