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  • Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer says it’s going to operate its own air cargo network in the US, a move that points to its larger ambitions to build out a comprehensive factory-to-doorstep delivery system to serve its customers. Amazon signed a five- to seven-year lease with Ohio-based Air Transport Services Group for twenty Boeing 767 freighter aircraft, the company says (Wired)
  • With AI Scry, you’ll never have to wonder how your iPhone would describe the world around you if it was capable of autonomous thinking.Available for iOS, AI Scry is a new app that generates automatic descriptions of whatever appears in front of your phone’s camera.(TNW)
  • Snapchat has a secret team possibly building a pair of smart glasses
  • An AI expert says Google’s Go-playing program is missing 1 key feature of human intelligence…
    …But when it comes to big-picture intelligence, Sutton said, AlphaGo is missing one key thing: the ability to learn how the world works — such as an understanding of the laws of physics, and the consequences of one’s actions….
    “There’s a 50% chance we figure out [human-level] intelligence by 2040 — and it could well happen by 2030,” he said.
  • At this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos, Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of American cloud computing firm, SalesForce, argued that every country should have a minister of future.“As a society,” Benioff said, “we are entering uncharted territory, a new world in which governments, business leaders, the scientific community and citizens need to work together to define the paths that direct these technologies at improving the human condition and minimising the risks.” (WEF)
  • The Seven Lessons Of Marissa Mayer’s Loss Of Command At Yahoo