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  • Tesla’s Model 3 Electric Car Secures 135,000 Reservations on First Day of Ordering, Vehicle is expected to get at least 215 miles of range from a single charge (WSJ)
  • T-Mobile quietly offers a plan that includes unlimited data and texting without the ability to make cellular calls (except for dialing 911). It costs as little as $20 a month, $30 less than the equivalent smartphone plan. (WSJ)
  • Android users will soon be able to reply to texts from their Windows 10 PCs (Business Insider)
  • Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote Summary
  • Linux’s Bash shell is coming to Windows, courtesy of a collaboration between Microsoft and Ubuntu-creator Canonical. Type bash into Windows 10’s Start menu, and you’ll be able to instantly get a full Linux command-line environment. (PCWorld)
  • Drone company Airware raises $30 million and adds Cisco’s John Chambers to its board (Business Insider)
  • Oculus could make up about 10 percent of Facebook’s revenue in four years
    They estimate Facebook will sell 600,000 Rift units this year and more than two million in 2017, generating over $1.6 billion in revenue from hardware and royalty fees from game sales. (Business Insider)