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  • Apple Invests $1 Billion in Didi, Uber’s Rival in China (WSJ)
  • The deal came together after the Didi Chuxing executive team visited Tim Cook at Apple headquarters in Cupertino on April 20. The $1 billion investment closed “like lightning” only a few short weeks later. (BI)
  • Uber, not Tesla, will be Apple’s competition in the automobile industry (BI)
  • Google is beautifying its data centers by turning them into giant art projects (TNW)
  • Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show (Guardian)
  • Japan-based industrial giant Hitachi announced that it is creating the Hitachi Insight Group, encompassing its IoT solutions and services, to be headquartered in Santa Clara, California…
    Hitachi’s 33 IoT-specific solutions generated $5.4 billion in revenues in 2015, the company reported…
    The group will also oversee Hitachi’s new Lumada IoT software platform, which will serve as the foundation for software applications that Hitachi will build along with its partners. (BI)
  • …before Android’s launch in 2008, its cofounder Rich Miner, now a general partner at Google Ventures, wrote an internal email describing the need for an open-source mobile operating system…
  • “If an open platform is not introduced in the next few years then Microsoft will own the programmable handset platform,” wrote Miner. “Palm is dying, RIM [Blackberry] is a one-trick pony, and while Symbian [a closed operating system] is growing market share it’s becoming a Nokia only solution.” (QZ)