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  • The Internet Value Chain : GSMA Study [PDF]
  • A power company in the Midwest hired a group of white hat hackers known as RedTeam Security to test its defenses [Tech Insider]
  • Google I/O 2016 (in GIFs) [Medium]
  • ARM has acquired an Internet of Things (IoT) business called Apical that holds a lot of intellectual property and has a finger in connected vehicles, robotics, smart cities and security systems.[V3]
  • Earthquakes come without warning, making them one of the most feared natural disaster. Startups like Zizmos are working on early-warning systems using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors…
    Today, Japan has the most advanced early warning system in the world. This system has come at a cost of one billion dollars. It is effective, but unfortunately, unaffordable for all but the richest countries….
    Zizmos is a startup that began as a research project at Stanford University funded by the National Science Foundation. Eight years of research went towards finding new technology to mitigate the effects of earthquakes in the world….
    The Zizmos sensor network can provide up to 90 seconds of warning, depending on the distance between the user and the epicenter. Seismic waves travel at approximately two miles per second; therefore, if you live 30 miles from the epicenter you will receive 15 seconds of warning before the earthquake impacts your location [HuffingtonPost]
  • The plan comes as IMAX and Alphabet Inc.’s Google on Thursday announced plans to collaborate on a camera that will capture 360-degree images made to be experienced on virtual-reality headsets. The camera is expected to be ready for commercial use in roughly 18 months.[WSJ]
  • Understanding The Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things