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  • Rumor has it Apple’s next iPhone may be waterproof (QZ)
  • SpaceX successfully lands its sixth Falcon 9 rocket after launch
    and the fourth drone ship landing (The Verge)
  • Innovation has become the key to survival. A Standard & Poor’s company can expect to survive just 15 years. That’s down from 67 years in 1920. By 2027, 75% of the S&P 500 firms today will be replaced by new ones. (WEF)
  • Google is building a completely new operating system. As in, not just an upgrade to Android or Chrome OS, but instead, a new system that’s not derived from the Linux kernel. It’s called Fuchsia. (The Next Web)
  • How does fog computing differ from edge computing?
    When compared to edge computing, fog computing is more scalable as it gives a centralized processing body a more big-picture view of the network as it has multiple data points feeding it information….
    … To better explain how these computing methods differ, we will examine a simple use case of a smart, robotic vacuum cleaner… As it relates to our vacuum, a centralized fog node or IoT gateway would receive information continuously from the dirt-detecting sensors, process that information, and deploy the vacuum when and where it determines that dirt is present… In our vacuum scenario, an edge computing solution would enable each dirt-detecting sensor to determine itself whether or not dirt is present and signal the vacuum alerting it of such
    . (Ryan Matthew Pierson Read Write)
  • The head of Google’s Brain team is more worried about the lack of diversity in artificial intelligence than an AI apocalypse (Recode)
  • World’s largest vertical farm grows without soil, sunlight or water in Newark… It makes a befitting setting for a company that is promising to increase crop yields by as much as 70 times compared to traditional field farms, without using any pesticides or fertilizers…. (The Guardian)
  • IBM’s New Artificial Neurons a Big Step Toward Powerful Brain-LikeComputers
  • Microsoft Research working on the ultimate wearable: a tattoo to control devices remotely


DuoSkin:Functional, stylish on-skin user interfaces from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo.