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  • Google to buy cloud software company Apigee for $625 million (Reuters)
  • Elon Musk calls SpaceX blast a ‘most difficult, complex failure’ (Reuters)
  • Turning vans into rolling distribution hubs for package-dropping robots could greatly improve the efficiency of delivery networks.( Technology Review)
  • a16z Podcast: All about Microservices (thx Murat for the link)
  • Sony announces powerhouse PlayStation 4 Pro and slimmer PS4. More than 43 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold to date (WSJ)
  • Google’s DeepMind makes progress in computer-generated speech (FT)
    Researchers usually avoid modelling raw audio because it ticks so quickly: typically 16,000 samples per second or more, with important structure at many time-scales.
  • When You Change the World and No One Notices (Morgan Housel)
  • Which Industries Are the Most Digital (and Why)? (HBR)
  • Twitter launches an Alexa app
  • Sending a container from Shanghai to Europe costs half what it did in 2014 (Economist)
  • Apple’s iPhone 7 Event in Under 5 Minutes
  • The Uber effect: the cost of a New York taxi license has halved in two years
  • Cassandra keeps growing at Apple, now 115,000+ nodes in production
  • Smartphones vs Digital Cameras