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  • Pay-TV providers could lose nearly $1 billion in revenue as 800,000 customers cut the cord during the next 12 months, according to a new study from the firm cg42.(WSJ)
  • How to Make Sure Your Uber Doesn’t Drive Past You
    Avoiding the pin drop can help you get door-to-door service that is actually door-to-door (WSJ)
  • Gartner Cape Town: 10 strategic tech trends for 2017
    1. Conversational systems
    2. Augmented and virtual reality
    3. Digital twin
    4. Artifical intelligence and machine learning
    5. Intelligent applications
    6. Intelligent things
    7. Adaptive security
    8. Blockchain and distributed ledger
    9. Mesh app and service architecture
    10. Digital technology platforms
  • Drew Houston CEO of Dropbox, if he had a cheat sheet he could give himself at 22, it would have three things on it: “a tennis ball, a circle, and the number 30,000. (BI)
  • Spotify launches in Japan, As Billboard noted in an earlier article, physical formats such as CDs and LPs are still popular in Japan — more than 80 percent of music sales were on physical formats in 2015. (Mashable)
  • to Press Regulators to Block Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal
    Company says Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of social network would be anticompetitive (WSJ)
  • Google spent $9 billion on cloud business in past 12 months. (Bloomberg)
  • Amazon Eyes Living Rooms by Adding Gaming Features to Prime (Bloomberg)
  • A Japanese Company Wants to Build a Space Elevator by 2050
  • Microsoft forms new 5,000-person AI division
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it plans to launch a French datacentre region which will be open for customer use in 2017.
  • Google’s Got a Plan to Unify the World’s Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • iPhone 8 rumors: All glass everything with an OLED display
  • According to this VAB report, which aims to address the relationship between streaming, TV and advertisers, just 6 percent of the U.S. population does 87 percent of the streaming.
  • Why Siri, Alexa And Cortana Will Destroy SEO
  • The Google of product search is…Amazon.
  • WinTel market cap, 1995: $105bn GAFA, 2016: $1.9tr