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  • Ikea uses 1 percent of the planet’s lumber (The Weird Economics Of Ikea)
  • Friday, the American Academy of Pediatrics validated my experiment, recommending that children younger than 18 months get zero screen time, and those ages 2 to 5 be limited to one hour a day—half of its prior recommendation.”
  • IT Industry Outlook Holds Steady, Software vendors and other IT firms say they’re on track to meet or surpass revenue goals this year
  • Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Makes Its First Delivery: 50,000 Beers
  • AT&T Undercuts Cable TV With $35 Internet Streaming Service
  • Microsoft Surface Studio PC announced for $2,999
  • Audi’s legendary Le Mans program to end in 2016
  • Microsoft could be unveiling Teams, its Slack competitor, next week, Previously known as Skype Teams, Microsoft has built a Web-based chat system.
  • This week, Apple will announce a new Apple TV feature that allows people to discover new TV shows from a single app, USA Today reports.
  • Scientists want to send a team of robots into space to build a telescope
  • The Japanese car manufacturer reports that the number of charging points in the country has surged past 40,000, compared to fewer than 35,000 petrol stations.
  • From Atlanta to Beijing, these are the world’s busiest airports
  • VR cafe in Seoul
  • Soon you’ll be able to play ‘Minecraft’ on your Apple TV
  • Qualcomm to Buy NXP Semiconductors for $39 Billion
    Biggest chip deal adds the top supplier of automotive chips to the San Diego company
  • Twitter to Cut 9% of Workforce as Revenue Growth Slows
  • An economic history of the world in 1 minute, 5 seconds