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  • Rise of the robot music industry : AI is transforming music streaming, talent spotting, promotion and even composition
  • The Next Fashion Trend: Weather Forecasting
    At a recent class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, students were asked—and promised a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for the right answer to—the question: When should a Los Angeles store stock swimsuits?
  • Twitter Names Keith Coleman as Product Chief
  • Fitbit Set to Acquire Smartwatch Maker Pebble (Fitbit interested in Pebble’s operating system, intellectual property, will likely shut down brand)
  • AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Werner Vogels (Youtube)
  • AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Andy Jassy (Youtube)
  • AWS re:Invent 2016: From Monolithic to Microservices: Evolving Architecture Patterns (ARC305)
  • AWS re:Invent 2016: How JPL Leverages Alexa to Further Space Exploration (ALX301)
  • GeekWire re:Invent Special Coverage
  • How Amazon Gets Its Holiday Hires Up to Speed in Two Days (Touch screens and robots help to prepare new hires for warehouse jobs)
    ... shrink the time it takes to train new hires to as little as two days, compared with up to six weeks for a conventional warehouse job …The shorter training period saves Amazon money, and could give the company room to offer higher wages as it seeks to expand its workforce about 40% by adding 120,000 temporary workers at its U.S. warehouses for the peak sales season that runs roughly from November through December.
  • Netflix Now Lets You Download, But Many Top Shows Are Off Limits
  • Atlassian has opened an engineering office in Mountain View in a bid to attract talent from the area’s tech giants.
  • Indian Startup Plans to Land on the Moon in January 2018
  • Meet Starbucks’ next CEO: Here’s what former colleagues say about tech vet Kevin Johnson (…$84 billion global coffee corporation prioritizes new technology opportunities at more than 25,000 stores in 75 countries…)
  • Starbucks has more customer money on cards than many banks have in deposits
  • Forget personal assistants, The real battle is for voice UIs
  • “We are as much a tech company as we are a pizza company,” he told the audience, pointing out that of the 800 people working at headquarters, fully 400 work in software and analytics
  • Twitter: @justinshanes : Amazon thinks my recent humidifier purchase was merely the inaugural move in a newfound hobby of humidifier collecting.
  • On Writing Product Specs