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  • The Robotic Grocery Store of the Future Is Here
  • 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017
  • Apple Confirms $1 Billion Investment in SoftBank’s $100 billion Vision Fund
  • Tesla sold a total of 76,230 cars and sport-utility vehicles last year.
  • A Third Of Consumers Say They Would Exchange Personal Info For Content
  • Holiday Spending on Mobile Games Nears $1 Billion
  • Hyundai Shows Off Wearable Robots to Help Paraplegics, Elderly
  • SpaceX Launch Video : Team, Passion, Culture (Youtube)
  • Google’s A.I. is training itself to count calories in food photos
  • Bose is building ride-smoothing tech for autonomous cars
  • PlayStation 4 sales surpass 53M, Uncharted 4 moves 8.7M
  • Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System
  • Amazon delivered over 2 bn items globally in 2016
  • Minecraft has now sold over 25 million copies on PC and Mac
  • A.I. Downs expert human fighter pilot in dogfight simulation
  • Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI
  • Ford plans to take Amazon’s Alexa for a ride
  • Apple’s App Store Sales Top $28 Billion
  • Amazon Brings Fire TV Experience to Third-Party TV Sets
    (In a move mirroring Roku TV, Amazon is partnering with lower-priced TV brands including Seiki and Westinghouse)
  • Wind power overtakes coal for first time in UK


  • Transparent Video
  • The avg Web page size today is equal to installing Doom back then