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  • Toshiba to Sell Part of Its Chip Business
  • Google Parent Alphabet Finds New Growth Beyond Search
  • Amazon Expands Into Ocean Freight
  • Digital in 2017 Global Overview
  • Xiaomi executive Barra joins Facebook to lead virtual reality business
  • Google sales poised to overtake Microsoft in changing of the guard
  • Comcast mobile phone service coming in 2017 with wireless/cable bundles
  • Microsoft HoloLens: sales figures are in the ‘thousands
  • Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionise technology and spaceflight
  • A Challenge to the ‘Secular Stagnation’ Theory, A new paper argues aging populations have not had a negative effect on growth—and one reason may be robots
  • Google brings AI to Raspberry Pi
  • Details on Snap’s $25 billion IPO are expected to be revealed next week
  • Netflix and Amazon dropped millions on these Sundance movies everyone will be talking about