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  • 99.6% of new smartphones run iOS or Android; RIP Windows and Blackberry
  • Google’s training AI to catch diabetic blindness before it’s too late
  • Mark Zuckerberg wrote a nearly 6,000-word letter about the future of Facebook — here are the key points
  • Project Loon : …it has implemented new algorithms powered by machine learning techniques to guide the balloons into clusters, taking advantage of wind pattern data and other factors. Project Loon balloons can now be sent to an area that needs internet access within weeks instead of months, X says.
  • Spotify-backed startup has raised $22 million to crack open a new music streaming market
  • Google built an AI that will play piano duets with youvideo
  • Recode : Video : Eddy Cue, SVP, internet software and services, Apple
  • Monzo’s more than 100,000 users get access to a pre-paid Mastercard and accompanying iOS and Android app.
  • The Alps could lose as much as 70% of snow cover by the end of the century
  • Kenyan banks have joined forces to launch a mobile money rival to M-Pesa
  • Kraft Heinz wants to buy Unilever to create the world’s largest food giant
  • Available for free, Data Selfie is an open-source Chrome extension that helps you discover how machine learning algorithms track and process your Facebook activity, and gain insights about your personality and habits.
  • Pixar teams up with Khan Academy for a free course on the art of storytelling
  • Verizon just acquired a drone company
    The telecom giant announced last year that it would start providing data plans for drones, too.
  • Former Cisco CEO John Chambers invests in counter-drone security firm Dedrone
  • Now you can buy things from Costco, Whole Foods and other stores via Google Home
  • Dubai is planning to launch autonomous, one-passenger drone taxis this summer
  • What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism
  • Walt the bot is here to paint your walls, and it can do it 30 times faster than humans
  • Have your MVP Running in Prod within 15 Minutes with Serverless