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  • Microsoft to Unveil Version of Windows Server Running on ARM Chips
  • Google Cloud ...Google must build more credibility among corporations wary of running their businesses on the servers of an internet-search company with little experience supporting the technology needs of big companies, other than its own….
  • PS4 4.5 Update Out
  • Blockchain is only as valuable as it is secure.
  • Twitter : No. of companies licensed to trial driverless vehicles in California :
    2015 : 7
    2017 : 27
  • Future of transport How blockchain will enable transactions across the transportation ecosystem
  • The Chinese search giant’s Deep Voice system learns to talk in just a few hours with little or no human interference.
  • Slideshare:  Design in Tech Report 2017
  • Slideshare: Blockchain Trend Report, 2017
  • Storing data in a single atom proved possible by IBM researchers
  • Facebook Messenger’s PM director Martinazzi leaves after launching Day
  • Bitcoin drops 15% after the SEC rejects the Winklevoss ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  • Twitter: Why voice is the future
  • Twitter: Evan Spiegel is Facebook’s head of product.
  • Facebook’s AI Chief: Machines Could Learn Common Sense from Video