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  • The U.S. Air Force picked Elon Musk’s SpaceX to blast a second Global Positioning System satellite into orbit
  • Online grocery market in China in 2016 – $13.1 billion.
    Increase from 2015 – 86%
  • Google’s DeepMind reduced energy needed for cooling its data centres by 40%. Now in talks with UK’s National Grid.
  • It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language
  • Slideshare : AI & The Future of Work
  • Google Tests Waters of Voice Ads on Speaker
  • The 12 Different Ways for Companies to Innovate
  • Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%
  • Chrome 57 restricts background tabs to 1% CPU, prolonging battery life
  • Magnetic storage reaches the atomic level
  • Amazon is invading Apple and Google’s home turf in the war over the future of computing
  • SpaceX is pushing hard to bring the internet to space
  • MuleSoft prices IPO above expected range at $17 per share
  • Netflix is replacing five-star ratings with thumbs up or down
  • Apple gives indie gamers a permanent home on the App Store
  • Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa
  • Uber’s autonomous cars drove 20,354 miles and had to be taken over at every mile, according to documents
  • The Growing Importance of Storytelling in the Business World
  • Nintendo is reportedly doubling Switch production all the way up to 16 million for 2017
  • Netflix’s new button lets you skip your show’s intro sequence
  • Report: Spotify finally gives in, limits some albums to Premium users only
  • Netflix is changing its star ratings to a thumbs up/down system