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  • China Is Losing to the U.S. in High-Stakes Battle for Artificial Intelligence Talent
    (With the resignation of Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng, the ability of the country’s tech firms to retain top minds is in question)
  • Ben Evans : The end of smartphone innovation
  • The World’s Largest Artificial Sun Could Help Generate Clean Fuel
  • In the search for a new revenue stream, Twitter is asking users in a survey whether they’d be willing to pay for premium features like analytics, timely news alerts, and tools for composing posts in TweetDeck, an advanced app that’s designed for following multiple streams on the platform.
  • When Fingerprints Are as Easy to Steal as Passwords
    As hackers learn to imitate the body’s unique features, scientists might turn to brainwaves and genomics to verify people’s identities.
  • AMC Networks planning to launch a commercial-free online video streaming service aimed at millennial TV subscribers
  • Netflix will produce more than  70 shows this year.
  • Tesla Model 3 will get a Performance version next year
  • Tesla’s solar roof tiles will be available to order starting in April
  • Facebook finally tests a GIF button for comments
  • Amazon Buys Souq
  • Why American jobs have a higher risk of automation than jobs in Germany, the UK, and Japan
  • Tencent leads the top 25 public game companies with $10.2 billion in revenues
  • Apple confirms acquisition of DeskConnect, the team behind automation app Workflow
  • The AR Landscape
  • Mashape, Creator of Top Open Source API Management Tool Kong, Raises $18M
  • Zenreach raises $30M to help businesses boost their marketing with free Wi-Fi
  • This chart shows how much more expensive ‘brand-safe’ video ads are versus YouTube videos
  • Amazon’s Prime Air make its first public U.S. drone delivery
  • How to use iOS Workflow App