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  • The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding
  • Google Home can now recognize different users by their voice
  • BCG estimates that by 2050, the industrial drone fleet in Europe and the US will comprise more than 1 million units and generate $50 billion per year in product and service revenues.
  • Musk,CEO of Neuralink and wants to have its cybernetic implant devices on the market in 2020. Within 10 years he wants people to be able to communicate telepathically.
  • Facebook Finally Released Details on Their Top Secret Brain-Computer Interface
  • Mastercard is building fingerprint scanners directly into their cards
  • Baidu to Open Source Its Self-Driving Technology (“…Open sourcing Baidu’s capabilities in functions such as route planning, vehicle control and operating systems will help Baidu and the autonomous-vehicle industry develop more rapidly, Baidu group President Qi Lu said in an interview…”)
  • The US wind industry now employs more than 100,000 people
  • Video: Regina Dugan’s Keynote at Facebook F8 2017
  • Video: Facebook F8 Keynote
  • Today will be the first day the UK was powered without coal since the industrial revolution
  • Tesla’s iOS and Android apps were updated to give owners of the company’s Powerwall home energy storage product access to information about their in-home electricity grid.
  • Renewables provided 55 percent of all new electrical capacity worldwide last year, the most ever.
  • Rick and Morty in VR
  • Amazon May Be Using a Hyperloop to Deliver Same-Day Shipping
  • “..every person in US generates demand for ~60 tons of freight each year