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  • Google is funding a robot journalism project in which computers will write 30,000 stories a month for local media.
  • Use of WhatsApp in NHS ‘widespread’, say doctors
  • Volvo will only make electric and hybrid cars starting in 2019 “…Between 2019 and 2021, Volvo will roll out five battery electric models, along with a cavalcade of plug-in hybrids and “mild hybrids,” which supplement internal combustion engines with batteries and motors…”
  • Electric cars will be as cheap as gasoline models by 2025 & battery manufacturing capacity will triple in the next four years
  • Google shows off Blocks, a 3D modeling tool made for VR (…Google wants to simplify content creation in VR so that people have more pretty things to look at and build…)
  • Amazon isn’t developing its own wines…yet
  • Alphabet’s latest spinoff uses the earth’s warmth to heat people’s home instead of burning oil “…The company inserts plastic pipes 300 to 500 feet underground where temperatures stay a near-constant 50°F (10°C) during the winter and summer. A pump at the surface circulates water through the U-shaped pipes, and a heat pump, similar to a refrigerator that can operate in reverse, exchanges warm or cold air in the home. Heat from the ground is transferred indoors during the winter (electricity adds extra warmth), while the process is reversed in the summer to tap relatively cooler ground temperatures…”
  • Japanese designers created an extra set of hands you can control with your feet
  • South Australia announces Tesla as backer of world’s largest battery
  • Ohio is now the fifth U.S. state to permit delivery robots on sidewalks
  • Recode Interactive Map : complex web of relationships as Detroit and Silicon Valley try to reinvent the car
  • AI is making it extremely easy for students to cheat “…But today’s students have smarter tools at their disposal—namely, Wolfram|Alpha, a program that uses artificial intelligence to perfectly and untraceably solve equations…”
  • As of late June, 85 million people in the US were signed up for Amazon Prime
  • World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers 2017
  • Tencent Dominates in China. Next Challenge Is Rest of the World
  • Charlie Rose : Jack Ma