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  • Amazon Spark is a product discovery social network that looks like Instagram “…Tucked into the “Programs and Features” section of the Amazon iOS app is the Spark social network, in which Prime members can post photos to an Instagram-like feed…”
  • Netflix surges to record high as company adds non-US subscribers. The company also passed the symbolic goal of having 100 million paying subscribers. Outside the US (52.03 million) vs US (51.92 million).
  • “Thrones” had on average 25.7 million viewers last season according to HBO, which says 26 percent of those views come from HBO Go and HBO Now, the company’s online streaming services. Budget : $10 million per episode last season
  • We could build a galactic internet but it may take 300,000 years
  • Citymapper will offer actual paid bus service in London this year “…The inaugural route is a nighttime one, running between 9 PM and 5 AM on weekend nights in East London, which Citymapper identified as underserved by current public transit options using its app and data analysis tool…”
  • Drones are our noisy future: People find their buzzing more annoying than cars or trucks
  • Microsoft 4Q17: Office 365 revenue surpasses traditional licenses, Microsoft is super close to the $20 billion cloud milestone it set for itself in 2015
  • Alexa is coming to the Amazon app on Android, starting this week
  • YouTube TV triples its footprint with launches in 10 more U.S. markets
  • SoftBank’s Son Finally Explains How All Those Deals Fit Together
  • This chart shows where robots are going to replace humans on Wall Street
  • Google Street View is now in outer space too
  • How ARKit will deliver the future of maps
  • Scientists are now using Wi-Fi to read human emotions