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  • T-Mobile’s unlimited data family plans now include free Netflix
  • NASA beamed a tweet into space in honor of Voyager 1’s 40th anniversary
  • Facebook Offers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Music Rights
  • Facebook just bid $600 million to stream Indian cricket matches. Will it try NFL games next?
  • Putin and Musk are right: Whoever masters AI will run the world
  • …Facebook’s secretive hardware unit, Building 8, would be the first to move into its new prospective China office
  • Boards Can’t Wait for CEOs to Prioritize Digital Change
  • Google’s Street View cameras get quality boost
  • According to the New York Times, the Red Sox used Apple Watch to receive messages about what kind of pitch was about to be thrown.
  • The Smartphone’s Future: It’s All About the Camera
  • Hackers send silent commands to speech recognition systems with ultrasound
  • ICO funding hit a record $800 million in Q2 2017
  • Five ways mobile technology can help in humanitarian emergencies
  • Virtual U.S. Tutors Are Helping Chinese Kids Gain an Edge…Online schools battle with traditional tutoring academies for supremacy in an $80 billion market.
  • Marine insurers adopt blockchain contracts